Omid Rooholfada is



Hi! My name is Omid. I'm a rising junior at Yale University studying math and computer science. I love solving hard engineering problems, and am deeply interested in ways that technology can improve human lives.

I'm co-president of Code Haven, an initiative to increase access to computer science for middle school students in New Haven—to date we have taught CS fundamentals to over 200 students in 7 middle school classrooms. I also study autonomous vehicles with YDriving, building self-driving vehicles and applying formal verification techniques to make them safer.

This past summer, I was a software engineering intern at Optimizely. I've also built fullstack websites and mobile apps at the Horizons School of Technology and worked as a TA for my school's Algorithms course (CS365).

Some past accomplishments I'm proud of: co-organizing a CS fair for 150 middle schools students, giving a talk on violin + beatboxing at TEDx RB High, and recording a musical trio I wrote.

Follow me on Twitter and Medium! Also feel free to reach out by email (omid [dot] rooholfada [at] yale [dot] edu). I'm happy to chat!